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With the use of newest technology our comprehensive diagnostic checks will pinpoint any fault with your car to stop small problem becoming big ones. We'll make sense of any error codes a computer on board of your car generates and advise you of any necessary repairs. Remember, that we always quote for repairs upfront!


Diagnostic tests are used to determine what repairs are required to ensure a vehicle operates properly. On newer model vehicles, an on-board diagnostics computer interface is used in conjunction with diagnostic tools and software to help mechanics identify problems. Car diagnostics can reveal a range of problems associated with the car’s transmission, oil tank, petrol tank, exhaust system and various other components of the car.
engate Service Centre carries out diagnostic tests at a competitive price of £.............
If we find a fault with your car, we'll explain to you what repairs are needed and we'll show you where the problem is. We will always give you a quote first before we start any work.

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