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Repair & Servicing

Noticed something wrong with your car? a worrying noise coming from the engine? noises when changing gears? unsure whether it's time for cam belt replacement? warning lights on your dashboard? failed exhaust emissions test? a car less stable then before? experience steering problems? or is it incorrect headlamp alignment ?
We'll show you the problem before we fix it. We'll always give you a quote before we start any repairs, so no unwanted surprises.


Yes - all our repairs are done using quality parts and in accordance with the manufacturer's recommendations.Our knowledgeable technicians ensure long life of a repair.
We only use quality parts as specified by a manufacturer. All of them come with guarantees. Where applicable we give you a recommendation of a few types of spare parts, we explain differences and a customer chooses according to their budget.
We do any mechanical, electrical or smart repair on all makes and models. Popular repairs include:clutch replacement, engine repairs, exhaust system repairs, fuel drain, suspension repairs, cambelt replacement, steering repair.
We offer a few bands of car servicing. They include the following:
Car repair cost depends on the cost of spare parts and labour cost. We will always give a quote before we commence any repairs. We always try hard to give best price for parts that there is on the market so that a customer gets a fair price without nasty surprises.

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